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No matter where you live in America...we've got you covered! We make the process simple and FAST. Get a free quote, schedule your signing and pro measurement, then watch the crew install your beautiful new liner.


We search high and low for the very best pool liner installers in America. High levels of performance are required for installers to remain in the family. Clients are in control throughout the transaction.


Only installers have access to "Drinkable Pool Water Systems" which prevent 99% of all pool liner color fading but even more importantly saves you from having to swim in cancer-causing chlorine!

Our Working Process In 3 Steps is a sales firm specializing in pool liner sales and pool liner add-ons. Our massive service area covers the 48 contiguous United States.


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Your elite level local installer will call to schedule your professional measurement and inspection. During the measurement, your installer will confirm project accuracy and the agreement is executed. Done deal!


Your installer will show up the day before your install date to drain your pool and prep your pool for the following day's work. The back of your quote has a detailed description of the project workflow.













Our consulting program gets results. Every dollar our clients spend with us comes back to them more than 10X every year thereafter. We are focused on market domination and we refuse to lose. Our only reason for getting out of bed in the morning is to make our clients more wealthy than they were last week!

Why did you start your pool company? Was it to achieve world peace? Doubtful. Was it to improve customer service in your local market? Maybe. But I’m willing to bet that your fundamental reason for starting a pool company was to earn a living for you and your family. We aren’t supposed to say it out loud…but the truth is that most (if not all) of us started our own pool company not only to make money, but to make a lot of money. It’s ok! That is exactly why I started my pool company and I am not ashamed to admit it. I have lived life broke and I have lived life with plenty and life is much easier with money than it is without money. The only reason I bring this up is the fact that most entrepreneurs (especially in the pool industry) lose sight of this basic reason for becoming a business owner in the first place. For example, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting a new business is attempting to offer the absolute lowest price for your product or service. One of my observations over the years is this…when you stop focusing on making money you harm yourself, your clients, and your family because your margins aren’t large enough to support all these stakeholders. Your wife or husband will eventually start to ask, “Why are we working so hard and making so little?” So, what is the answer? Well I am here to tell you that by focusing only on selling and installing pool liners and pool liner add-ons you can have a relatively standard work week which allows you to spend precious time with the people you love AND enough money to make life fun, exciting and free of stress again. Most pool businesses do what every other pool business does. They try to offer everything at the lowest price. I made this same mistake when I opened my business 14 years ago. If the client was willing to write a check I was willing to do the work. I offered pool construction, pool service, pool repair, pool liners, pool covers, and pool equipment, pool school and anything else I could think of. My performance was average in all these areas. I was grinding everyday and I was generating a lot of sales…with very little left over for me and my family. Over the years I have consulted with many entrepreneurs in the pool industry and I have noticed some highly predictable trends. I believe the vast majority of swimming pool business owners are unhappy and chasing ghosts. I believe the vast majority of these same people are just spinning their wheels in a vain attempt to achieve the original vision they had for their business. So, what can you do to make sure that you don’t fall into the same trap? First, find someone who has already figured out how to play the game and then pay them anything they ask to share their knowledge with you. By doing so you will bypass all those years of learning and testing success theories. Finding success is as simple as that. Of course, there are two problems with this simple approach to success. First, most entrepreneurs think they can figure it out on their own and so they just keep spinning their wheels and never even seek consultation for catapulting their business forward. Second, most business owners who have found success guard their knowledge closely because they fear losing their competitive advantage. Let me explain why you should not let either of these problems stop you. When it comes to selling pool liners…I smoke 95% of my competition and I have done so consistently for the past ten years. In short…I have figured it all out. If you copy my process you too will smoke 95% of your competition. This is common sense. But why would I be willing to share this knowledge with you or anyone for that matter? Well, the biggest reason is that I have no desire to franchise my business…it is just too much of a headache and I am very happy with my current level of income. Second, I will protect my local market as well as my consulting income by insisting that you sign a noncompete and nondisclosure agreement before providing you with my consulting services. In other words, you will need to agree not to share the information I share with you AND you will need to agree to never do business in the pool industry in the State of Georgia. I’m ok with you dominating your local market but you won’t be allowed to compete in my local market. I think that is fair! This is my claim…I will show you how I sell 300 Pool Liners per year without breaking a sweat. In other words, it isn’t difficult for me anymore. I know that when I leave my house this morning I will sell at least one pool liner before I come back home this evening. I also know that my profit on each liner I sell will be an average of $1200 and that the minimum profit I will ever make is $1000 on a pool liner sale. These profits are after paying for the liner, my labor, trucks, insurance, fuel, etc. I know that each year I will sell roughly 1.2 million dollars’ worth of pool liners and pool liner add-ons. What I share with you isn’t even training when you really think about it. It is simply me sharing with you how I do it. What would it mean for your life if you could easily sell 300 in-ground vinyl pool liners per year without even breaking a sweat AND without sacrificing your profit margins? I have spent the last 14 years perfecting a marketing model, process, and strategy that is simple, inexpensive, effective and proven. This program is effective for people who have never installed a pool liner before, but it is perfect for people who are great at installing pool liners but fall short on the marketing side of the business. This is my promise to you. After learning my process, you will outsell 90% of your competition starting from day one. Here are a few of the things that I will share with you: • TWO SIMPLE AND INEXPENSIVE WAYS I GENERATE 99% OF MY SALES LEADS. • THE SIMPLE WAY I CAPTURE LEADS AND CONVERT THEM INTO REQUESTS FOR QUOTES. • MY COMPLETE SALES PITCH. THIS 5 MINUTE PITCH IS EASILY WORTH 20 TIMES MY FEE AND WILL PAY FOR ITSELF WITHIN ONE WEEK AFTER YOU LEARN IT. IT WILL CONTINUE EARNING WEALTH FOR YOU YEAR AFTER YEAR. • MY INSTALLATION PROCESS. I HAVE ONE CREW AND THEY INSTALL 2 LINERS PER DAY (FIVE DAYS PER WEEK) DURING THE POOL SEASON. WE HAVE A FIVE STAR CUSTOMER RATING OVER A 14 YEAR PERIOD. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PROCESS AND MY PROCESS WORKS. • HOW I LIMIT MY LIABILITY WHILE AT THE SAME TIME KEEPING MY CLIENTS VERY HAPPY. • HOW I GET SO MANY CLIENTS TO WRITE GREAT REVIEWS AFTER THE INSTALL. • ACCESS TO MY QUOTE FORMS, LEGAL AGREEMENTS, AND PROFESSIONAL DOCS. • 2 SIMPLE THINGS I DO TO GENERATE AN ADDITIONAL $10K IN INCOME WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL WORK. SO SIMPLE! • I WILL GIVE YOU LICENSE TO COPY MY FORMS, AGREEMENTS, PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS, AND SALES PROCESS. • HOW I MAKE BIG BUCKS BY OFFERING “ZERO COLOR FADE” LINERS. TRUST ME, NOONE IN YOUR MARKET IS DOING THIS. If you want to stop doing what everyone else is doing and start making some real money with less headaches and stress, then schedule a strategy session today. I will not do the used car salesman thing…I promise! Christopher Ward, President Lazy Day Pools